Tuesday, 16 December 2008

A Festive Plum and Gingerbread Dessert

This is what happens when one has a hankering for something sweet, and there's no chocolate to reach for! 

I had the following ingredients:
  • Pepperkaker, or gingerbread as they're known in English 
  • Plum compote from my grandparents' farm
  • Plain yoghurt and a tub of Quark
The pepperkaker, I'm sorry to admit, are not homemade but from Ikea. Nothing wrong with Ikea, in fact these spicy cookies are delightfully crisp and moreish, but really if one's going to blog about baking well there should be some baking involved.

But if you happen to have an abundance of cookies in your larder this yuletide season, try this devilishly simple dessert:

All you do is combine equal quantities of yoghurt and quark, stir them together really well to get rid of any lumps.

Place this in a glass, either a pretty martini one as I did (see photo) or in any small cup/glass you have.

Then swirl some plum compote on top, or a compote of your choice - apple, pear, cherry or blueberry would all be excellent I reckon - then crush the gingerbread, sprinkle on top and voila! you've made the easiest, tastiest little dessert this Christmas...

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