Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Great Scandinavian Cookbooks

No baking today as my anthropology course means I'm marooned at home with books galore. Quite simply, there is too much to read, and not enough time!

So, if you're in need of Nordic inspiration, these are my favourite Scandi cookbooks: 

* 'Kitchen of Light' by Andreas Viestad, and 'The Scandinavian Cookbook' by Danish food writer and cook Trina Hahnemann. Trina, in particular, has some great baking ideas.

There are also two baking books, alas in Norwegian, but still worth noting: 

*'Ta kaka' which means 'Take the cake' (!)


*'Dam's store bakebok' which is by one of Norway's larger publishers, Dam, and is their definitive book on baking.

Finally, there is a vintage gem from my Mother's cookery collection: 

*'Norway's delights' by Elise Sverdrup, first published in 1957 (this edition is from 1972) It's part of a series of books on Norwegian culture translated into English, including: 

* 'Phantoms and fairies from Norwegian folklore'
* 'Of Gods and giants - Norse mythology'
* 'A time for trolls - fairy tales from Norway'

and the somewhat enigmatic 'Three in Norway, by two of them.'


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