Tuesday, 20 January 2009


The foundation for a good day, I've always maintained, rests with a good breakfast. Nothing quite goes according to plan when I skip breakfast, so I've concluded it must be an auspicious way to start the day. 

Hopefully the new U.S President is enjoying a good breakfast today too - it's rather a big day.

Since the new year there's hardly been any time for baking (boo!) but I did concoct this delectable breakfast dish from some funky bananas. By funky I mean very ripe, not groovy fruit. I call it my Inauguration breakfast treat :-) After lectures this afternoon I'll be glued to the TV whilst enjoying a cup of steaming tea and some chocolate cake - my pal Sophie's coming round too so we'll be weeping into our tissues during the speech. Makes for a memorable Tuesday afternoon.

Anyway, back to breakfast: all you do is combine equal quantities of banana with plain yogurt, add some pecan nuts and then eat with a couple of slices of toasted sourdough which have been slathered in butter, honey and cinnamon. 

A guaranteed great way to kickstart your day.

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